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Updated23 January 2023

Dirt Rally 2.0 Liveries

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UpdatedDecember 2022

Sierra Bermeja, Mirador Salvador Guerrero, Juzcar

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UpdatedDecember 2022

Playa de los Alamos, Cordoba, Spain

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UpdatedDecember 2022


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UpdatedDecember 2022

Malaga, La Cala de Mijas

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Updated28 October 2022

Miskolc, Bukkszentkereszt - Hungary

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Updated27 October 2022

High Tatras - Slovakia

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Updated27 October 2022

Lillafured - Hungary

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About 622

I am in front of my own lens. What will happen if I release the shutter from the other side?

Selfie mode?
Not really. It's just you cannot see. Bokeh. Out of focus. Closer or further than the Depth of Field.
It's me. The Photographer.

I love light. Light is the Photoshop of Nature. It creates pictures. It draws shapes using colours, contoured with shadows and masks different parts of the image to create a unique piece of art. Every day.
Every day, it fills the picture with life. A permanently changing and recurring series of images with all of its moods.
....and I want to catch it. So, I get my camera and try to capture the moment, the mood, LIFE.

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